Our Clients Our commercial clients include landscape architects, builders, landscape contractors, councils, sporting complexes, schools, colleges, nursing homes and commercial property owners.
Design Process We provide our clients with free no-obligation quotation based on an irrigation consultant’s water management plan. Alternatively, following an on-site inspection, we can design an appropriate system. The choice of a pop-up sprinklers or dripline depends upon the type of site and local water restrictions.
Quality Workmanship We use premium materials and our workmanship is of the highest quality. Following completion of an installation, we provide our commercial clients with an Operational and Maintenance Manual, as well as a detailed constructed plan. This assists them in the efficient running of the system during and beyond the warranty period.
Service Agreements Designing and installing an irrigation system is only part of the story. For an additional fee, we can provide long-term servicing of the system to ensure that plants and lawns are maintained in top class condition.
Improving Site Management For sporting complexes and similar large sites we have developed an audit program. Information gathered by the audit process is used in combination with climate data and available factors to produce the guidelines required to maximise the efficiency of irrigation systems. The data can also be used to compile an assets register and act as a guide to provide indicative costs for repairs, maintenance, budgeting and site management.
Dust Suppression Dust suppression is often required at construction sites, reprocessing areas to steel works, site remediation on industrial land, recycling plants, brick and quarry works, waste removal plants and mines.
Design We inspect the site with careful attention given to work processes and storage of raw materials. We then design a practical and efficient dust suppression system that takes into account all OH&S administrative and regulatory requirements.
Where water is sourced from a dam, we recommend a reliable filtration system.
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